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ClimateCandy rewards you for gaming. The more you play the more we plant trees and the more we take C02 out of the atmosphere!


More Games from Operal Studio

WOW Crush

Just like your loved ClimateCandy Operal's partnership with WOW (World of Windsurfgirls) combined sponsorship, sport, and a whole lot of fun! 

*Operal shares revenues from in-app purchases and ads

Frogie Cross the Road

Get ready to embark on a ribbit-ing adventure with Frogie in this fast-paced and addictive game! Guide Frogie across busy streets, navigate treacherous rivers, and avoid a variety of obstacles. Watch out for speeding cars!

Ocean Cleanup

Clean The Ocean is a fun and innovative Gold Miner-style game. Help the ocean by collecting all waste.


Ocean Cleanup' is available for free from the Operal website or for a fee of 5$ USD on the Google Playstore where the net benefit goes to plastic removal.

Lumberjack Master

Get your axe ready and embrace your inner lumberjack in Lumberjack Master "Timbeeeeeer!" Chop, saw, and conquer towering trees while aiming for precision and speed. Master the art of timber felling in this addictive game, and see if you can become the ultimate Lumberjack Master!

Dunk Digger

Dunk Digger is the ultimate slam-dunking adventure! Dig your way to the hoop and unleash your inner basketball pro. Are you ready to slam, dig, and score your way to victory?

Climate Horoscope

Unearth the secrets of the weather with Climate Horoscope! This unique game combines weather forecasting and horoscopes, allowing you to predict daily climate conditions in a fun and engaging way. Will you become a Climate Horoscope expert?


Embark on a storytelling adventure like no other in StoryWeaver! Collaborate with friends or challenge fellow players to craft unique narratives using chatbot technology. Weave your tale, make decisions, and watch the story unfold in this innovative and engaging multiplayer experience. Will you be the ultimate StoryWeaver?


Dive into the immersive world of conversation and connection in Chat Panorama! Engage with friends, meet new people, and explore dynamic chat environments. Unleash your creativity, share stories, and build virtual communities. Connect, chat, and make your conversations come to life!

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