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What is Operal netPositive (TM)?Humanity is in a climate crisis. But what can I do as a person or as a company? We can chill and wait , for others or the government to do something or tell us what to do. Or we take it in our own hands. Lets go further than carbon neutral and remove even more carbon from the atmosphere than we are putting in. Let’s be #netPositive.

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Where are these trees that suck CO2 out of the air?There are a lot of different carbon credits. We focus on Nature Based Solutions. Currently, we are currently retiring Carbon Credit in these projects

Project 1) Rimba Raya
Rimba Raya is located in Central Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo with a AAA BeZeroRating

Rimba Raya protects one of the most highly endangered ecosystems in the world.

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How can I check what Operal is doing?Currently, we retired 100kg CO2 for every download of the game. We retired the two times already.
July 1, 2022, we retired 76 tons of CO2*
November 6, 2022, we retired 30 tons of CO2
November 26, 2022, we retired 18t CO2
December 2, 2022 we retired 10 tons

and we keep on retiring every week! Check the updates here.

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How can I support climate-action with Operal without money, only by clicking?Many people ask us how they can support our mission. It is easy:

Download and play #ClimateCandy — you automatically do something good for the planet rate the app in the AppStore and PlayStore. PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT! ☺️

What can blockchains do for the climate?Reto Habegger wrote a paper about the current development state of #CO2Certificates and #blockchain.

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He exposes the concept around Green Proofs from Energy Web and talks about the Energy Web Consortia Relay Chain and how Polkadot can be seen as a growing ecosystem of specialized blockchains. The use of blockchain for the transaction of CO2 certificates is likely to reduce transaction costs, which reflects higher efficiency.

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What are Carbon Tax, Carbon Credits and Carbon Retirements?New technology can sometimes feel complex and overwhelming. So what is all the talk about carbon tax, carbon credits, and carbon retirements? Don’t worry, you’re not alone in finding these terms confusing. However, it is important to understand them in today’s world.

Let me give you a simple explanation or, better yet, a helpful metaphorical description! If it helps me, I hope it will help you too...

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