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Our philosophy rests on the belief that sometimes, in the pursuit of perfection, a perfect solution can be the enemy of a good solution. We advocate starting with a good solution - start with the help of Operal netPositive™. As an individual, you can take charge of your impact. Calculate your transportation footprint here and offset it right now.



We help organizations and companies calculate, reduce, and overcompensate their carbon footprint in a very fast and uncomplicated way. In 15 min video chat we get all the data for a rough estimation. We then write a report that can be used internally and externally and we overcompensate the footprint so that the company is allowed to use the label from Operal netPositive (TM).

Carbon Credits and CO2 calculation and compensation can be complex. 

Start with a good solution with the help of Operal netPositive(TM), as an individual you can calculate your transportation footprint here and compensate for it right now.

We make it easy for you!

A Perfect Solution can be the Enemy of a Good Solution.

Carbon Credits and CO2 compensation can be complex. Start with a good solution, start being net positive, calculate your transportation footprint here, and compensate for it right now.

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