Gaming with Impact: We develop games that not only entertain but also have a positive impact on the world.


Operal Swiss Gaming Company redefines gaming for positive change. Our flagship, ClimateCandy, merges gaming and sustainability, empowering players for real-world impact. We simplify the process of reducing and compensating for carbon footprints for businesses.

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In our mission, we want to bring instant gratification and direct small impact to players. We want to empower gamers to have an impact and join forces. Our game ClimateCandy rewards gamers with high quality nature based solutions CarbonCredits.


Our partner organizations collaborate with Operal AG to create innovative experiences. Together, we make a tangible impact on the environment and contribute to a sustainable future

Here’s How We Compare to Alternatives

Sustainability & Business

Turn your sustainability efforts into a game and earn carbon credits. As a company, you can integrate your sustainability initiatives with marketing and establish a direct link with your customers through the branded version of this game.

Climate Crisis

The effect of taking action on climate change is delayed for many years or even decades. People are often impatient and want immediate results. However, we can work to bridge this gap and make progress towards addressing climate change.


What we do

Operal helps you, whether as an individual or as a company, to quickly generate impact.

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Luigi Caradonna

President of the Board & Gaming

Dr. Andreas Gmünder

Board Member  & Legal

Toni Caradonna

Board Member & Tech

Reto Habegger

DLT-Expert & Operations

Roman Eyholzer


Paul Odermatt


Michèle Rükgauer


Remo Bügler



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